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New Zealand Education Opportunities

General Overview for Students Wishing to Study in New Zealand and Some Common Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

The younger generation choosing to study in locations such as New Zealand is a traditional nationwide occurrence that has been happening for many years, hundreds of centuries in fact, done by several diverse cultures. Presently, in this century, the twenty-first, this happening is actually a multi-billion dollar trade with more than one million young students and individuals traveling to other countries to attend college. Nowadays, such people are referred to as full-fee-paying scholars or international students with the global education commerce known as the training/education export trade.

During the years between 2008 and 2009, reports indicate that, nationwide, there were almost three millions students attending colleges in other countries. Regarding 2008, there were nearly 89,000 full-fee-paying students attending universities in New Zealand with eight-two percent of them enrolled in post-secondary facilities. This particular industry is worth more than NZ$2.3 billion to NZ’s economy and is the nation’s fifth biggest export breadwinner.

What Makes New Zealand Attractive to Students Wishing to Study Abroad?

• Respected and recognized worldwide as first-class education
• Living expenses and tuition costs are reasonable – NZ$ fractions in INR are much lower than AUD and additional rates/dollars
• English speaking nation
• Friendly neighborhoods
• Advancing economy providing enhancing career alternatives to students and residents of NZ
• Unemployment rates are low in contrast with additional nations
• Speedy Visa and education application processing
• The option of working part time, twenty hours weekly, while studying and full time during off-school periods (generally summer holiday times)
• Students completing, for the majority of studies and degrees, a one-year diploma, qualify for a one-year work search Visa if they work forty hours per week
• A student holding a full-time job in his or her area of study obtains additional training regarding the field or study and might be eligible for a Visa extension (work permit or permanent resident visa/visitor visa – whichever is applicable) contingent on their qualifications
• Associated family member or members or significant other might be eligible for a visitor visa or work permit as well

How much does it Cost to Study and Live in New Zealand?

• Education tuition costs are around 12000 to 28000NZ$
• P.a. contingent on the stage and field of study

What are the Visa Requirements for International Students?

• Students are issued visas if they plan to attend school full-time and each student is in good character, monetary means and health. Student visas for NZ are much simpler and faster to obtain than several other nations.

For students wishing to study in New Zealand, if they need further details about studying abroad, content us for more information, about Visa and school applications procedures, family traveling with students to NZ, housing alternatives (off campus, on campus apartments and so forth), options for when classes finish in this nation or regarding scholarship opportunities. We will answer all enquiries as quickly as possible. Ultimately, there are many more benefits of studying in New Zealand, such as the climate and weather during the year, sights and accommodations and more.

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