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Travel Destinations for Students in New Zealand

The purpose of earning an advanced education is to prepare for a bright future in a career field of your choosing. Higher learning offers lots of wonderful learning experiences for students, among them the opportunity to attend school abroad. This can be done for a semester or full time depending on the student’s level of desire to discover another part of the world. While school is a serious endeavor, there is always going to be time off to recoup and relax. When studying abroad in New Zealand there is a wealth of opportunities to travel throughout this island nation and discover things you only previously read about.

From spectacular natural beauty to the hustle and bustle of big cities, New Zealand has something to offer all of those looking for a destination to study abroad. When classes hit semester break or a holiday break, there are thousands of destinations across New Zealand and its outlying islands that offer relaxation and entertainment for all.

First, a little information about the island nation of New Zealand:

• The largest city is Auckland with over one million residents in the metropolitan area
• The nation’s capital is located in the city of Wellington
• There are two large islands that comprise New Zealand: North Island and South Island
• A chain of islands known as the Offshore Islands is also governed by New Zealand. These islands are Stewart Island, the Chatham Islands, and the Sub-Antarctic Islands

Many of the world’s inhabitants this day in age are extremely technologically savvy and would find it hard to leave the creature comforts of a big city. Those students who fall into this category and find themselves studying in New Zealand will find a surprising number of travel options when there is downtime at school. Examples of this include:

• Visit Auckland: This is the largest and most populous city in New Zealand. Home to the largest international airport in the country, the city also hosts the greatest range of nightlife and entertainment in New Zealand.
• Visit Wellington: This is the capital city of New Zealand and is the third largest city in the country. Wellington offers an in depth flavor of New Zealand’s culture, heritage, food, and entertainment.
• Visit Dunedin: One of the largest cities on New Zealand’s South Island, Dunedin is unique in its rich Scottish heritage. The city is considered the friendliest in New Zealand and is home to the oldest university in New Zealand.

Those who are looking to connect with nature and experience some of the greatest natural wonders in the world will feel the call of the wild in New Zealand. The country has a wide range of natural beauty offering something for every outdoor enthusiast and full-time student. Consider visiting the following during a holiday break:

• Coromandel Peninsula: This regions rugged coastline offers a combination of multiple beaches for relaxation and hiking routes for a little challenge.
• Tongariro National Park: Here you can see three volcanoes, enjoy two ski fields, and take in some hiking trails.
• Abel Tasman National Park: This park offers unique golden sand beaches and plenty of kayaking opportunities.

Every student should choose their favorite college to attend based upon the academic credentials of the institution itself. Given the significant amount of downtime that can arise during the school year, the surroundings of the institution are just as important. In New Zealand students will find great institutions of higher learning and unbeatable opportunities to enjoy nature at its best.