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Why Study Abroad in New Zealand

If you’re ready for the adventure of a lifetime, living and studying abroad in New Zealand may be perfect for you. The island country has a mix of cities with great entertainment and nightlife options, like Auckland and Wellington, combined with the rugged beauty of mountain peaks, pristine beaches, and dense forests.

While the country is beautiful, it also has a rich history. Polynesians arrived on the island around 1300, and from those intrepid explorers grew the Maori culture. Even today, the Maori make up the largest minority in the islands. European explorers arrived in 1642, and the British eventually settled on the island, signing a treaty with the Maori in 1840. Today, the school system follows a British model, a reminder of its colonial heritage.

There are two main islands that make up New Zealand, the north and the south. Wellington, the capital, is located at the southern tip of the north island, yet while it’s an important city, it’s only the third largest. Auckland, the most populated city, is located to the north, and it was ranked as the tenth most liveable city in the world by The Economist magazine. Students who live in New Zealand during their school years praise the cleanliness of the cities, the easy public transportation system, and most of all, the friendliness of the New Zealand people. With the Polynesian influence, the country has a warm tradition of hospitality, and foreign students find they are quickly welcomed as friends.

Scattered throughout the islands are several excellent universities offering a variety of courses unique to New Zealand. Because of its diversified climate and geography, schools can offer excellent courses in environmental studies. There are eight state sponsored universities in New Zealand with many more private institutions as well. Because of the British education model, programs of study are focused on research. However, this allows students the freedom of pursuing their own interests under the watchful eye of their faculty mentors. If you’re looking for a way to get a great education with a more independent program of study, these universities will suit you very well.

With its expansive beauty, excellent schools with unique programs of study, rich heritage, and friendly population, New Zealand makes an excellent destination for students looking for a degree that includes adventure. The varied landscape and the . Family and friends may ask you why you’re studying abroad in New Zealand, but when they get a chance to see pictures of your adventures, they’ll wish they had gotten their degree in this island country as well.